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Bathe the Dog – this is how it works

To bathe the dog

Instructions for bathing the dog – Why do dogs need to be washed?

Many dogs get dirty from time to time and have to be washed when they where playing in the mud.
Especially for large dogs, washing is a bit more time-consuming than for small dogs.

How often do dogs need to be washed?

The dog should generally be washed with shampoo about 2-3 times a year to remove fine dust and dirt from the coat.
Of course, after wallowing in some stinking things, the dog has to be washed additionally.

If the coat is greasy or very dusty, the dog must also be washed so that it feels good and smells better again. The skin of the dog can recover and the coat will shine.

If your dog likes swimming, care should be taken that the water is not contaminated.
If the water in a pond e.g. smells bad, you should wash the dog after bathing in there rather again at home.

Which shampoo should I use to wash my dog?

To wash the dog you should use a special shampoo for dogs.
Dog shampoo is available at every pet store and you can choose between many different, well-scented varieties.

Why not wash the dog with regular shampoo?

You should not use normal human shampoo for the dog because it can dry out the coat and skin of the dog.
Dog shampoo is particularly moisturizing, which protects the natural balance and the skin’s own acid mantle of dog skin.

You should buy a shampoo with natural ingredients and good oils for your dog, so that the coat is not dull. Best is a dog shampoo with herbal surfactants.

To bathe the puppy for the first time

Bathing the dog for the first time is unusual for some dogs, especially puppies, and we want to make it as comfortable as possible for them.
Prepare a toy ready for action after drying off.

Treats make bathing a nice experience. So prepare some favorite treats for your puppy, then bathing is no longer a bad experience.
Always give a treat as a reward, if the puppy has a nice quiet moment.

Equipment to wash the dog

For washing, you should make sure you have some things prepared. To bathe the dog you need:

  • Dog shampoo
  • Anti-slip mat for the tub
  • towels
  • treats
  • Hair dryer (depending on the weather)

How to wash the dog – instructions

    1. First put the dog in the tub and give a treat for reward if it stays calm.
      Keep the water in another direction first, so that the dog does not startle.
      It is important that the water is not too hot, for dogs it should only be lukewarm. Be careful not to shower over the dogs head, so that it doesnt get water in its ears or face.


    1.  Now the coat can be foamed thoroughly with the dog shampoo. Do not forget the paws and the tail.


    1.  The dog shampoo must be rinsed out very well, so that no residues remain in the fur of the dog.


  1.  When the dog has finished washing, dry well with the towels. Most dogs want to shake immediately after washing, and make everything wet.
    Before shaking wrap the dog with a large towel, so that the water does not splash around everywhere.
    Some dogs dont like the blow-drying at all, then just make every effort with the towels.

After bathing unpack a great toy and romp with the dog. Most dogs enjoy a game after washing.

To bathe the dog in the winter
Its important that your dog does not get cold after bathing in winter. He must be properly dry again before he is allowed to go outside. If it is still wet, it can become too cold for the dog very quickly, so please be very careful.

In wintertime, it is best to prepare a warm place for the dog after bathing, to dry itself and warm up again. You can simply put the basket / pillow close to the heater until the coat is completely dry again. In the summer, of course, this is not a problem and the dog can go outside right away.

Are you bathing your dog? Leave us a comment, we are happy!

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