Dem Hund die Krallen schneiden

Cut the dogs nails?

Cut the dog’s nails?

On the picture above you can see a nail trimmer for the care of the dog nails.

Like we do, our dogs have five fingers on each paw (including the thumb).
Some dogs have only four claws on the hind paws. The “big toe”, called the dew claw is missing in many dogs.
In addition, there are also dogs with several dew claws on one foot. These are a remnant of the time as a wolf.
In some dogs, the dew claws on the hind legs have to be removed because they get stuck and then cause inflammation.

The thumb claws on the forelegs, on the other hand, are present in every dog ​​and are very important for balance when running and jumping.

Should I cut my dog’s nails?

No matter how we look after our nails, we should also think about nail care in our dogs.

Anyone who regularly visits the vet with their dog knows already and will certainly have experienced the nail care process.
The nails of the dog should be kept short or regularly trimmed to prevent postural damage or joint problems.

If the dog is traveling a lot in the city or on paved roads, the nails rub on the ground and you have to trimm them a little less often.
But if you walk with the dog a lot on softer terrain, the nails need to be cut more often.

In addition, it is important that the paws are regularly examined so that no foreign matter (e.g., chewing gum) or fur knots get tangled between the dog’s toes or claws.

How do I trimm my dog’s nails?

The nail trimming can also be done by the vet, especially as a beginner or if you need help.

If you own a nail trimmer at home, you can also cut the nails yourself. For this you should be very careful, because you can injure the dog while cutting its nails.

The nails should not be trimmed too far, otherwise you will cut into the blood vessel and it will bleed and it is very painful for the dog. In dogs with bright nails you can see this pink blood vessel inside the nails usually very well.

In dogs with darker nails, however, you can not see anything from the outside, so you should trimm dark nails very carefully, preferably only cut slices, or work with a nail file.
This takes a little longer and requires more patience of the dog, but you can not hurt the dog with these methods.

If you are unsure or do not feel confident about trimming the nails yourself, you can get help from the veterinarian, which usually works very fast and does not cost much.

Many dogs are afraid of the nail trimming or feel a bit uncomfortable, then you can turn away the dog with treats and give him a great reward after you finished your dogs nail care.

Most dogs love being able to jump around after that process and they also feel better when having more grip and balance after nail trimming, especially on slippery floors.

Hopefully you enjoyed our article about nail care for dogs!
If you have any other cool tips to care for the dog nails, write us your ideas in the comments.

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