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How to potty train my puppy?

How to potty train my puppy?

How to get my puppy housetrained – this question we clarify for you!
All new puppy parents with their small fluffy baby at home would like to know, how the puppy becomes potty trained. Getting the puppy housetrained is much easier than you think.
With our tips, your dog will quickly become housetrained, so you can take your puppy anywhere.

Puppies always have to go to the toilet after they eat and play, when they are excited or when they are happy as well like after waking up. Whenever the puppy has eaten and drunk, he should be brought outside. You should also bring it outside, as soon as the puppy wakes up.
Many puppies will contact their owners and submit signs as soon as they have to go outside. They snoop around, turn in circles, start squeaking, or stay near the door.
The most important thing is to watch your puppy all the time, especially in the first time. Some puppies understand the house training very quickly, others take a little longer, depending on how old the dog already is.
It also depends on whether the puppy was already used to go outside for its business. If the puppies were allowed outside, it is easier to get them house trained.

Newsprint or other absorbent materials are often recommended for house potty training with the puppy. However, this is not particularly helpful for getting the puppy housetrained. If the puppy has learned to pee on newspaper e.g., It can take a longer while to become housetrained. That’s because it got used to the fact that its toilet is inside the apartment.
Therefore, as well as for hygienic reasons, the house training with newspaper is not recommended.

When will the puppy become housetrained?

Puppies can learn to become potty trained around the age of 12 weeks. This only works if you watch your puppy all the time.
In order for the puppy to be quickly housetrained, you have to train very attentively, because the puppy will not be housetrained by itself. Especially in the first few weeks, it takes a lot of time and attention to potty train the puppy.

You must never punish your puppy for a mishap, otherwise it may take even longer to become housetrained.
Puppies can not keep up like adult dogs for a while and always have to go outside right away. Only with about 4 months, most dogs can then reasonably even a short time to comply.
Puppies younger than 3 months have to go out about every one and a half to two hours, from the 3rd to the 4th month about every three hours and from the 5th month about every four hours. You should always go out in a regular rhythm with the puppy, so it will be quickly house-trained.

How do I get the dog housetrained?

You should not allow your puppy to walk alone through the house or apartment. It is important to supervise young dogs and puppies as well as small children. If you want your puppy to be housetrained, you must constantly observe him or her, so that you know exactly when its time to go outside.
Whenever you suspect that the puppy has to go, take it outside immediately.

Once you realize that your puppy wants to go to the toilet, it has to be brought outside very quickly. So always, before going to sleep, you should prepare your jacket, shoes and keys so that you can jump up quickly and walk outside with your puppy.

If you have brought your puppy outside, take him or her to a nearby place where it should do its business. There should be some greenery at this place so your dog can sniff in peace. Do not speak to your puppy, but let it smell a little there or walk a couple steps around with him.
Once your puppy does what you expect it to, talk to you puppy and exultantly praise him. With a big praise and a few treats, the puppy quickly realizes that the right place for its business is out there and gets house-trained so quickly.

If you catch the puppy wanting to go to the toilet inside the house, immediately stop it with a word like “no”. Pick up your puppy and place him or her outside. Once it has done its business outside, praise your puppy excessively – it may get treat and you should show it that you are happy.
When a mishap happens, it does not help to punish the puppy. It was just always your own inattention and you should pay more attention to the puppy next time.
The next time a mishap happens, pass the puppy unnoticed, simply wipe it away quickly and secretly. Now it’s time to take better care and notice the signs that the puppy needs to get out the next time. It is very bad for the puppy to be punished for the mishap afterwards because it can no longer relate to it. That’s why you should always catch your puppy in the exact moment and immediately bring it outside.

Putting the nose inside or shaking the puppys neck is absolutely inappropriate. Such outdated methods in dog training for potty training should not be used under any circumstances, they unsettle the puppy and can even hurt him.
In addition, shaking the neck fur and putting the nose in are usually unhelpful, so that the puppy never becomes housetrained and can destroy the confidence to the owner. Remember puppies can not understand penalties for peeing in the house like little babies.

House trained – training with the Dog Crate

The housetraining with a dog crate has many advantages.
When training with the dog crate, you can let the puppy sleep in the crate overnight. Most puppies would be reluctant to do their business directly on their sleeping place, so many puppies will report and start squeaking or whine as soon as they have to go outside. You can then pick your puppy up right away and bring it outside.
With a dog crate you can teach the puppy potty training in the night, if you can not supervise it otherwise. If you do not have a dog crate, you can put the puppy’s basket in a big cardboard, so the puppy can not climb out.
During house training with the crate, it is important that the crate is always in the bedroom, close to the people. The puppy should never be left alone at night!
This is important so that you will notice in time if you need to get out. Also, puppies are very scared at night when they are separated from their pack, because this condition is a big life threat to them.
That’s why you should not lock the puppy in another room, but always let him or her sleep in the bedroom next to the people.

Potty trained – training for puppies

Because puppies have a very small bladder and their digestive system is not yet fully grown, they often have to go outside.
If, in fact, the puppy has to go out too often, or many mishaps happen to make one wonder, one should still visit the vet to check out for cystitis in the puppy.
This can happen in puppies, especially in colder weather or when the breeder kept the puppies mostly outdoors.

Misadventures in the house should be best removed with a vinegar cleaner or another strong-smelling cleaner. When the smell has disappeared, the dog will no longer recognize this place as a place for its business.
You can then spread a little food for the dog in this place, then he recognizes this place as a feeding place and will not use it for toilet reasons.

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