DipthDesign Dog Collar Paws creme-white

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DipthDesign Dog Collar Paws creme-white
With the creme-white DipthDesign dog collar your pup is always top in style and you can be happy on the envious eyes your friends.

We have drawn the designs with great attention to detail to make your dog be the most fashionable when walking in park or city.
Wherever you are going to experience adventures, the DipthDesign dog collar with our cute designs shows everybody that you have the most adorable dog widely.

The DipthDesign dog collars are highly durable, washable and no animals had to suffer for it.
You can smoothly adjust the size with the slider.

Cool graphics

Hand-drawn, lovely patterns

Simply adjustable without steps

Smoothly adjustable size, perfect for puppies

Soft, comfortable webbing

Smooth and silky material

Curved buckle

To ensure the dog collar fits snugly

Easy handling

Quickly open and close the buckle

Shining glossy

Dog collar shimmers in the sunlight

High durability

Strong nylon webbing, proven quality

Limited edition

Exclusive for our pretty cool DipthDesign friends!

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