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When should Puppies wear a Dog Collar?

When should the Puppy wear a Dog Collar?

Today we are dealing with the question of when a puppy should wear a dog collar. From what age puppies should wear a dog collar, depends on a few things:

Puppy Collars

When the puppy is born, colored puppy collars are used to distinguish them from the siblings in the litter.
Some puppies look very similar to their siblings at the beginning. If they are marked with a colorful puppy collar, it is easier to keep them apart.
This is especially important in daily weighing to see that all puppies are growing well.
The names of the puppies can be noted on the puppy’s collar, or you can assign a different color to each puppy.

Dog collar for Puppies

The puppy needs a dog collar, as soon as it is allowed to go outside for a walk.
It is important to first accustom the puppy to wearing the dog collar so that it is comfortable for it and it doesnt feel disturbed by the dog collar.
Once the puppy is allowed outside, he must – in many places – be leashed to protect him from danger. For this, the leash must be attached to the dog collar.
If the puppy is allowed to walk without a leash, it is advisable to attach a dog tag with name and phone number to the dog collar.
When the puppy explores neighbor’s garden, the neighbor can immediately call and does not have to wonder who the dog belongs to.

When can the Puppy go out?

Small puppies should generally not walk outside under the age of 6-8 weeks.
On public land, the remains of foreign dogs can pose a threat to the puppy because it has not yet received vaccination.

Puppies should be vaccinated for the first time at about 8 weeks and by then it is better to keep the puppy in a foreign environment in your arms.
Of course, the puppy can walk in the own garden or in a place where few other dogs walk, for a little sniffing and exploring.

When does the Puppy need a Dog Collar?

Once the puppy has established his vaccine protection, it can get outside and get to know the world. The puppy needs a dog collar and needs to get used to it before wearing outside.
In the beginning, apply the dog collar to your puppy only briefly, while rewarding your puppy and distracting it with toys.
As soon as you take longer walks, remember to take off the dog collar at home, because that’s where it bothers your pup.

In addition, it is important to regularly adjust the dog collar in size, when the puppy is grown again. For this, choose an adjustable dog collar for puppies.
If its stepless adjustable, you can always set the perfect size and you do not have to choose the next smaller or larger setting Dog collar for puppies in the Shop

Basic equipment for Puppies

Like other dog accessories, you should regularly renew the basic equipment of your puppy. This is especially important for chewed toys, dog collars, leashes and plastic dog bowls.
So that the dog can not swallow any plastic parts, you should take care especially with puppies, that they are not left unattended with the toy.
The basic equipment for puppies can be found as a checklist in our article: Basic equipment for dogs – checklist

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