Was darf der Hund nicht fressen? - Liste

Which foods should dogs not eat?

Which foods should the dog not eat?

Here we have put together a list of the foods that the dog is not allowed to eat.

Was darf der Hund nicht fressen- Avocado
Can the dog eat avocado?

Whether dogs are allowed to eat avocados is still a little controversial.

Avocados contain Persin, which is suspected to cause heart muscle damage in dogs.

Swallowing an avocado stone can cause suffocation.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts should not be fed to pregnant and lactating bitches, as this may disturb the bitch’s hormonal balance.

Dürfen Hunde Alfalfa fressen?

Was darf Hund nicht fressen - Schweinefleisch
Can dogs eat raw pork?
Raw pork

Raw pork may be infected with the Aujeszky virus.

This virus is rare, but sometimes occurs in raw pork and wild boar meat and can be transmitted to the dog.

At temperatures over 60 degrees celsius, the virus is killed. That means always cooking pork before the dog is allowed to eat it.

Onions contain sulfur substances, which can attack and destroy the red blood cells of the dog from a very high dose.

In normal quantities they are harmless and dogs are allowed to eat them.

Darf der Hund Zwiebeln fressen?
Can dogs eat onions?

Hunde und Schokolade
Dogs and chocolate
Chocolate and cocoa

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats because of the ingredient theobromine in cocoa.

Chocolate poisoning can be fatal to the dog, so keep dogs and chocolates always well separated.

White chocolate barely contains cocoa and therefore barely theobromine.

Grapes & raisins

Whether dogs are allowed to eat grapes is controversial. Some dogs got fatal kidney failure after eating grapes.

It is a breed predisposition for the occurrence of the symptoms blamed after the dogs have eaten the grapes.

In addition, it could have been caused by certain pesticides or fungicides used to treat the grapes or raisins.

Darf der Hund Weintrauben fressen?
May the dog eat grapes?

Was dürfen Hunde nicht fressen - Kaffee
Dogs are not allowed to drink coffee

Caffeine poisoning in dogs can lead to very serious life-threatening cramps and arrhythmias.

The caffeine contains methylxanthine, which damages the dog’s nervous system.

If the dog had coffee, please make a quickly appointment to see your vet.


Even small amounts of alcohol can kill animals. In dogs, even a small amount of alcohol can lead to coma.

Please always keep the dog away from alcoholic beverages.

Was darf Hund nicht fressen - Alkohl
Alcohol is toxic to animals

Darf der Hund Knochen fressen?
Can the dog eat bones?
Cooked bones

Cooked bones can splinter more easily than raw bones.
The splinters can get stuck in the throat of the dog or cause constipation.

Particularly dangerous are poultry bones, because they break into pointed, sharp-edged fragments.

Fruit stones

If the dog eats the stones of stone fruit, it can lead to intestinal mucosal injury and occlusion.

In addition, the stones contain toxic hydrocyanic acid.

Was darf Hund nicht fressen - Obstkerne
The dog is not allowed to swallow fruit stones

Was darf Hund nicht fressen Bohnen
Always cook beans for the dog
Raw beans

Beans should always be cooked because they contain the toxin phasin, which attacks the red blood cells in the dog’s body.

But that breaks down when cooking.

Raw tomatoes, eggplant

Solanaceae such as tomatoes and eggplants and potatoes should also be fed only cooked, as they are toxic to the dog when raw.

 What should the dog not eat - tomato and eggplant

Warum dürfen Hunde kein Xylit?
Dogs and xylitol
Sweetener xylitol

Why are dogs not allowed to eat xylitol? The sweetener xylitol is toxic to dogs and can be fatal in very small quantities.

It is also found in chewing gum and sugar-free candies, as well as toothpaste or soft drinks. It can also be an ingredient in peanut butter.

When taken by the dog, xylitol can cause life-threatening hypoglycaemia and convulsions.
That’s why dogs need special dog toothpaste.

Fresh walnuts can be infested with a fungus that can be toxic to dogs in large quantities.

Walnuts should therefore always be well dried.
Generally, dogs should only eat walnuts in small quantities.

Darf der Hund Walnüsse fressen?
Can the dog eat walnuts?

Was darf der Hund nicht fressen - Macadamia
Macadamia and dogs?

Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs, but the reason for this is not clear enough.

In large quantities, macadamia causes paralysis in the dog that occurs within 24 hours.

Chili, curry, pepper

Sharp and intensive spices such as chili, curry and pepper should not or only in very small quantities be given to the dog, as they may irritate the gastric mucous membrane of the dog.

In contrast, herbs such as Parsley, thyme or oregano are very healthy and have many beneficial properties for your dog.

Was darf der Hund nicht fressen - Gewürze
May the dog eat spices?

Was darf der Hund nicht fressen - Medikamente
Keep medicines away from the dog
Medicines for people

A normal headache tablet can have fatal consequences for the dog.

Therefore, NEVER give your own medication to the dog without asking the vet. That could poison the dog!

Processed fat

The dog must not eat very greasy cooked food such as roast meat or bacon. Some dogs develop a metabolic disease of the pancreas and kidney, caused by the fat.

Certain breeds and weakened animals are particularly vulnerable.

Also, the feeding of usual processed pet food and certain medicines play a role, as the dog lacks the necessary enzymes to properly digest the fat.

Was darf der Hund nicht fressen - verarbeitetes Fett
Processed fat is bad for dogs

The dog must not eat these foods

Dogs have an incredibly robust gastrointestinal tract. Nevertheless, there are some poisonous foods in our list that can be dangerous to our dogs. That’s why your dog should not eat them.

Puppies and guests

It always depends on the dose, but in some cases even a small amount is toxic to the dog. This is especially true for puppies and young dogs (under 8 months) and very small breeds.

If you have visitors to the house, such like at the barbecue party, you should inform the guests in advance what the dog is allowed to eat.
In case of suspicion that the dog has eaten something poisonous, always consult the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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