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Dog collars with cute designs

In our shop you will find your new dog collar for your next trip to the dog park or city. With our cool paw design in cream-white or pink, it will certainly become a favorite piece.

Design with love

We designed the DipthDesign dog collars with love for your fluffy friend because we want your dog to be always top in style with the new delightful dog collar.

What DipthDesigns customers say:

“Thank you for the beautiful collar!”

“Our little girl really does not like collars, but she likes them! And they look great too!”

“I think that boys can wear pink too”

Choose your favorite color
for your dog:

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DipthDesign – Lovely hand drawn dog collar designs

The love for our dogs and the passion for animal welfare are the heart of the DipthDesign brand. Dogs are our best friends and give us so much friendship and trust in common adventures.
At DipthDesign, we believe that every relationship between a dog and its person is something special. Therefore, our faithful companions really deserve the best.

DipthDesign dog collar paw design
Also tired of boring dog collars? We style your pup with lovely designs!

That’s our motto.

The dog collar is a symbol of the love to our four-legged companions. Therefore, it should not only be practical, but also beautiful, so the dog is dressed up when exploring the park or city.

We could not find any cool dog collar motifs that would show the special and unique character of the beloved four-legged friend.
Everyone knows that: If you look at an article in the shop between many others, it looks nice, but separated from the others not so much anymore.

Hand-drawn designs for the DipthDesign dog collars

Convinced that each piece should be a very special one, we began to design the patterns for our dog collars. The cute, loving drawings are the result and delight dogs as well as their owners equally.

Our high-quality products have gained worldwide popularity, which means an important success for us.
The trust of our customers, who know and love our excellent quality, the unique designs and our commitment to the animals, is a great incentive for us.

However, the unconditional love for our dogs and the vision of harmonious life together encourages us most to work on all the products of the DipthDesign brand.
We are very happy to offer a change to the boring dog collar.

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Design dog collars for your friend
The DipthDesign dog nylon collar with little paw pattern embellishes your best friend on the way, made of double woven nylon, it is very stable and water-resistant.
For your small, playful puppy or the giant cuddly dog, the DipthDesign dog collars are available in two different sizes that are easily adjustable.

For your puppy a pink collar
Through the trendy colors, the exclusive DipthDesign dog collar fits very well to your outfit.
We have selected the elegant colors pink and creme-white for the collar paws collection. So our dog collar is the perfect accessory for girls and puppies for the daily walk in the park or for spending the evening together with friends.

Even when traveling together in the city, the cute dog collar gives your pup the extra eye-catcher effect, because of its beautiful shine.

A soft dog collar
The DipthDesign Dog Collar is wide and comfortable, with its soft nylon ribbon its very gentle to the throat and coat of your dog.
With our cute paw design it is made for all dog lovers who love fancy dog ​​collars.
Further a very original gift for your loved ones.

We can not wait to see your photos!

Your Facebook and Instagram profiles are already full of cool dog selfies? This one must be part of your collection!

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