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DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop - DIY Hühnchen Streifen für Hunde

Home made Chicken Strips for Dogs

Chicken Strips for Dogs DIY Make crunchy chicken strips for your dog yourself – The perfect DIY dog snack!Dried chicken sticks are available in many varieties in the pet shop to buy. Most of these products are contaminated with sugars and unnecessary additives.But you can also make the chicken sticks yourself. So you can spend […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop - Brauchen Hunde Vitamin C?

Do dogs need vitamin C?

Do dogs need vitamin C? Everyone knows the vitamin C. It is found in many foods such as citrus fruits, currants, rosehip peels, but also in peppers and all green plants.Multivitamin products with vitamin C are available for children and adults to buy and this is supposed to strengthen the health. But is vitamin C […]

Trockenfutter oder Nassfutter? - DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop

Dry food or wet dog food?

Dry food or wet food? Many dog ​​owners are overwhelmed by the large supply of various dog foods. If you are looking for the right food for your dog, you soon come to the question: Which food is best for my dog? Is dry food better than wet food or is it the other way […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - Which Oil Is Best For My Dog?

Which Oil is best for the Dog?

Which Oil is best for the Dog? For all dog owners who prepare the dog food for their pet, it is important to know which oil is best for the dog and how much oil the dog should get. Even when feeding commercial ready-mady dog food you can add a little good oil and thus […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - When to Feed the Dog Best?

When should I best feed my dog?

When should I best feed my dog? At what time should I best feed my dog? We are solving this question today. The best time to feed the dog depends on a few things, such as the owner’s lifestyle, the dog’s eating habits, and the dog food. When to feed the dog in the morning? […]

DipthDesign Hundehlasband Shop - Veganes Hundefutter

Vegan dog food

Vegan food for dogs? Vegan is a dietary trend and the lifestyle of many, especially younger dog parents. Many young people would like to spend more and more time with their four-legged friends and vegan trends also affect the dog food. That’s why there is vegan dog food to buy. Do dogs need meat? More […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - make dog food yourself - cooking for the dog

Make dog food yourself – Cooking for the dog

Home-made dog food – Cooking for the dog Feeding a dog is much easier than some owners believe. Some dog owners would like to prepare fresh food for their pup, but can not make friends with the idea of ​​feeding raw meat, such as with Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding When the meat is boiled, germs […]

DipthDesign-Hundehalsband-Shop - Welche Kräuter für Hunde ?

Which herbs are good for dogs?

Which herbs are good for the dog? Which herbs and medicinal herbs are good for dogs, we want to find out today: We have all possible herbs for the dog checked for their good healing effects. Which herbs for dogs? In herbs are many good ingredients, e.g. the vitamins C, B2, folic acid and the […]

Gemüse für Hunde

Which fruits and vegetables for the dog?

Fruits and vegetables for the dog Fresh fruits and vegetables are important and healthy, everyone knows that. Plant foods contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. For our dogs, these phytochemicals are important for gut health. That is why fruits and vegetables can and should best be added to every dog ​​meal. Which types of vegetables are […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Biologically appropriate raw food for dogs Biologically appropriate raw food means feeding a biologically, species-appropriate raw diet. Many dog ​​owners have the impression that the composition and declaration of many processed pet foods is very non-transparent. Food scandals and the unbelievably grandiose pictures of the ingredients on colorful packaging make more and more dog owners […]


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