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DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop - Charms Hund

Accessories and Charms for Dog Collar – Shop

Charms for the Dog Collar Many tags for dog collars are intended to decorate the dog, or contain information such like the pet’s name and phone number of the owner. Many dog ​​collars also have the sole purpose of decorating the dog. Dog accessories such as charms are therefore also available in our shop. Many […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop - Trick: Mach die Tür zu

Trick: Close the door

Trick: Close the door Especially in many larger apartments and houses one would like to close the doors occasionally. The cold breeze or noise disturbs when, e.g. you want to work in peace or to sleep a little.Our dogs are always happy to be with us and often run after us when we move through […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - When to Feed the Dog Best?

When should I best feed my dog?

When should I best feed my dog? At what time should I best feed my dog? We are solving this question today. The best time to feed the dog depends on a few things, such as the owner’s lifestyle, the dog’s eating habits, and the dog food. When to feed the dog in the morning? […]

DipthDesign Hundehlasband Shop - Veganes Hundefutter

Vegan dog food

Vegan food for dogs? Vegan is a dietary trend and the lifestyle of many, especially younger dog parents. Many young people would like to spend more and more time with their four-legged friends and vegan trends also affect the dog food. That’s why there is vegan dog food to buy. Do dogs need meat? More […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - Can the dog sleep in bed?

Can the dog sleep in bed?

Can the dog sleep in my bed? Dog owners love to cuddle up in bed with their dogs. Many pet owners say they can sleep better with their pets. Today we will explain the pros and cons once when the dog is sleeping in bed. Are dogs allowed to sleep in bed? The physical proximity […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Biologically appropriate raw food for dogs Biologically appropriate raw food means feeding a biologically, species-appropriate raw diet. Many dog ​​owners have the impression that the composition and declaration of many processed pet foods is very non-transparent. Food scandals and the unbelievably grandiose pictures of the ingredients on colorful packaging make more and more dog owners […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop Basic equipment for dogs – checklist

Basic equipment for dogs – checklist

The basic equipment for the dog – checklist When a new dog moves in at home, you need a dog kit to make the dog feel comfortable in its new home. First, a list is created with the things a dog needs. In any case, you should put the following things on your shopping list, […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop dog birthday party unicorn cupcakes for dogs

Unicorn cupcakes for dogs DIY recipe

DipthDesigns DIY Unicorn Cupcakes for the Dog Birthday „Filos says mmh yummy“ Recipe for 6 dog cupcakes Ingredients for the dough: 1-2 handfuls of flour (I used dinkel wheat flour) 1 pinch of salt 3 Tbsp. olive oil (or whatever you have in your kitchen) about 2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice some water 1 egg […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop Hunde-Geburtstagsparty Filos wird 14

Dog Birthday Party – Filos turns 14!

Dog Birthday Party – Filos turns 14! Dogs do not really get what their birthday means, I think, but you can anyway make a great day for the dog to make the dog happy. Homemade dog treats or a great dog birthday cake will make both, the two- and four-legged friends happy. Dog Birthday Party […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop Paw care in winter

Paw care in winter

Care for dogs paws in winter So that our beloved furry friends are always on the move in these cold temperatures, we must take care of our dogs paws. When its getting cold outside and the first snow is falling, road salt and grit are strewn on the streets in many places. This can be […]


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