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Accessories and Charms for Dog Collar – Shop

Charms for the Dog Collar Many tags for dog collars are intended to decorate the dog, or contain information such like the pet’s name and phone number of the owner. Many dog ​​collars also have the sole purpose of decorating the dog. Dog accessories such as charms are therefore also available in our shop. Many […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop

When should Puppies wear a Dog Collar?

When should the Puppy wear a Dog Collar? Today we are dealing with the question of when a puppy should wear a dog collar. From what age puppies should wear a dog collar, depends on a few things: Puppy Collars When the puppy is born, colored puppy collars are used to distinguish them from the […]

Wie wird ein Hundehalsband gemessen?

How is a dog collar measured?

How do I measure the dog collar for my dog? To measure the dog collar, put a measuring tape around the dog’s neck. If none is at hand, you can also take a strip of paper and then measure it with a ruler. At the lowest point of the neck before the dog’s shoulders begin, […]

Hundehalsband oder Geschirr

Dog collar or harness – what’s better for the dog?

Dog collar or dog harness? The dog collar has always been the tool for leading and personal accessory for the dog. In the past, only dogs with special tasks wore harnesses. Avalanche rescue dogs for example, or dogs used to pull carts and sledges. Dog collar vs. harnesses Today we also use harnesses for our […]

Which dog collar is best?

Which dog collar is best?

Which dog collar is best? What dog collar is best for my dog? Which dog collar is good – that’s what we’re dealing with today. Choosing the right dog collar is sometimes not that easy. That’s why we have considered all the features that must come with the best dog collar. Dog Collar – Which […]


DipthDesign dog collars in the new StartupValley Magazine

Our first dog collar paws collection is in the new StartupValley Magazine Here is the lifestyle- and product part for you with our DipthDesign dog collars: StartupValley is a media and news company that provides great information on the international startup scene. In addition to portraits of young founders and successful startups, there is also […]

Willkommen im DipthDesign Hundehalsband-Shop

Welcome to the DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop

We love dogs! Dogs are simply the most wonderful, loyal companions in the world. These great animals give us so much incentive and deserve something special that is done lovingly and with care. Filos the former street dog , rescued from Greece in 2005, came up with the idea to develop a new dog accessory […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsbänder Pfoten in zwei verschiedenen Farben

DipthDesign startup opens online shop for dog collars

DipthDesign Startup opens dog collar shop Now there are the DipthDesign dog collars paws finally online in our shop available for you. The lovely drawn design makes the DipthDesign dog collar a very beautiful piece that will delight the heart of every dog ​​owner. Our first exclusive collection of dog collars is now available in […]


DipthDesign Dog Collars on Kickstarter

DipthDesign Dog Collars on Kickstarter Crowdfunding is a way of financing creative projects and ideas. Supporters make a contribution to the project and receive a reward. In this way, people from all over the world can participate in a wide variety of projects. Through regular updates, the supporters are informed about the progress of the […]


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