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DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - Honey and propolis for dogs

Honey for Dogs

Honey and Propolis for Dogs Since thousands of years we use honey to cure and relieve colds and fever, or cough to soothe the throat. Honey is a very versatile remedy that is also good for dogs. Can Dogs eat Honey? Honey is produced by honey bees. From collected nectar and honeydew honey is produced […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop - When to Feed the Dog Best?

When should I best feed my dog?

When should I best feed my dog? At what time should I best feed my dog? We are solving this question today. The best time to feed the dog depends on a few things, such as the owner’s lifestyle, the dog’s eating habits, and the dog food. When to feed the dog in the morning? […]

DipthDesign Hundehalsband Shop

When should Puppies wear a Dog Collar?

When should the Puppy wear a Dog Collar? Today we are dealing with the question of when a puppy should wear a dog collar. From what age puppies should wear a dog collar, depends on a few things: Puppy Collars When the puppy is born, colored puppy collars are used to distinguish them from the […]

DipthDesign Dog Collar Shop Bathe the Dog – this is how it works

Bathe the Dog – this is how it works

To bathe the dog Instructions for bathing the dog – Why do dogs need to be washed? Many dogs get dirty from time to time and have to be washed when they where playing in the mud. Especially for large dogs, washing is a bit more time-consuming than for small dogs. How often do dogs […]

Wie wird ein Hundehalsband gemessen?

How is a dog collar measured?

How do I measure the dog collar for my dog? To measure the dog collar, put a measuring tape around the dog’s neck. If none is at hand, you can also take a strip of paper and then measure it with a ruler. At the lowest point of the neck before the dog’s shoulders begin, […]

Which dog collar is best?

Which dog collar is best?

Which dog collar is best? What dog collar is best for my dog? Which dog collar is good – that’s what we’re dealing with today. Choosing the right dog collar is sometimes not that easy. That’s why we have considered all the features that must come with the best dog collar. Dog Collar – Which […]

A puppy arrives at home

A puppy arrives at home – preparations

A puppy arrives in the new home Time has come: The little puppy finally moves in! Before the puppy can feel well at home some things have to be prepared: Anything that can hurt the puppy should be removed as much as possible. This means: loose cables within reach of the puppy must be hidden, […]


DipthDesign Dog Collars on Kickstarter

DipthDesign Dog Collars on Kickstarter Crowdfunding is a way of financing creative projects and ideas. Supporters make a contribution to the project and receive a reward. In this way, people from all over the world can participate in a wide variety of projects. Through regular updates, the supporters are informed about the progress of the […]


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